Often, the atmosphere at your house or garden party won’t start to really pick up until the sun begins to set. The light is now under your control going forward. Menno, a guest blogger, is here to discuss the dos and don’ts of party projector lights, covering everything from straightforward birthday celebrations to extravagant dance and karaoke parties. Menno discusses the atmosphere, specified zones, the employment of effects versus light bulbs and LEDs.

Lighting for a Party: Dos and Don’ts

First things first: What Sort of Party?
The Environment: LEDs or Not?
More movement means more action.
As Well
What kind of party, first and foremost?
If you’re planning to host a house party, try to picture it in your head first. Do you want to make your entire home into a mini-club or do you want the location to be in the kitchen where the fridge is? It goes without saying that all you need for a dinner party is a big fridge full of the delicious stuff.

THE NEIGHBORS TIP: If you’re planning a mini-club and don’t want to fight the next day, consider a Silent Disco (see illustration below) as a super-fun method to get people dancing without making a noise. Use a sizable stereo sound system and rent a karaoke machine if you insist on making (extreme) noise. My secret to being as unobtrusive as possible is to set a welcoming and upbeat mood, play enjoyable music, and invite the neighbors around.

Lighting for a Party: Dos and Don’ts

No matter how you choose to decorate your party, the atmosphere must be positive. This can be accomplished by providing “warmth” to the space and designating places for people to hang out, relax, or lounge (and no, I’m not talking about a circle of chairs here). Additionally, you can employ lighting to evoke a feeling of intimacy, but avoid using white light at all costs. I have to admit that my feelings for LED lighting are mixed. The disadvantage of LED lighting is that, despite being more power-efficient, less expensive, and simpler to set up in terms of color, I believe that it lacks some of the ambience that conventional light bulbs do. As a result, I frequently use both at events: warm light for direct illumination and LED light for the backdrop or to highlight specific elements of the stage or décor.

Traditional cans of par
I utilize warm-lighting lamps for the illumination that is directly in front of me. My personal favorites are vintage PAR cans like this one along with color filters like these. In fact, you can achieve a similar effect at home simply swapping out any large fittings with bulbs for colored lamps like this one. Or, if the lamp allows it, you could choose to install a light filter.

LED LIGHTS A wide variety of effects can be easily produced using LED lighting. If I were you, I’d choose some flood lights or up-lights like this one rather than keep things simple by setting up a few rope lights. They can be hung to the ceiling or placed prominently in dimly lit nooks to cast a comforting glow. They are frequently wireless. Although renting equipment is an easy solution if you’re on a tight budget, up-lights are rather expensive. The price of wired flood lights like this one is lower, but keep in mind that you’ll need several of them. Simply put, one is insufficient to illuminate a few meters broad wall.
Lighting for a Party: Dos and Don’ts

Consider moving lights if you want to get the celebration started in a big way. When clients use my lighting equipment to hold a party, they frequently choose a scanner, a moving head, or sun-strips. For instance, the American DJ StarBurst LED shapes a stunning beam effect by illuminating the entire space with moving light. I advise using a few smaller effects rather than one larger one if the event is just a small house party. Moving heads and scanners are available options here. I also provide a switcher panel to my clients so they can switch between effects and keep things interesting. Finally, for the finishing touch, I advise a smoke machine. Not only does it increase the visibility of any light beams you have shooting throughout the room, it also has the potential to create a mood. Success is assured!

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